How to Turn Leads into Sales 2023

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How to Turn Leads into Sales 2023

At some point in your journey, you’ll start to generate some hot leads by using what you learn here at High 5ive Marketing. High 5ive Marketing believes that while e-commerce is an incredibly powerful tool, the impact of human to human interaction is irreplaceable in any business. Not everything can be sold with a point-and-click. This blog will teach you how to make a great introduction when you get a new lead, and make a huge sale.

#1 Organize and Save Your Lead All of the best salespeople have a system. You have to get into the habit of systematically saving all the contact information and relevant details of any new prospect electronically and quickly. For example, if you’ve got someone’s business card, take that data and enter it into a spreadsheet or CRM software such as SalesForce or Act!. Do the same thing if it’s an email or phone call lead. Build lists of new leads that you can refer back to when you’re slow. Never lose anyone’s contact information. Something as simple as building a “Top Prospects List” properly organized in a spreadsheet or CRM software can 5X your sales.

#2 Follow Up like a Pro The sooner you follow up, the better. The method of follow up isn’t as important as how quickly you do it. A lot can be done via email, but a phone call is more powerful in creating a branded experience for your hot lead. By picking up your phone and calling, will set you apart from the competition and you have the chance to really tell your story. If you’re thinking your phone sales skills are a little weak, here are a few pointers.

Rehearse a 30 second script to introduce yourself and you company. Smile and have fun while introducing yourself. The prospect will love your confidence.

Ask the prospect how much time they have to talk with you. This gives you valuable information to set the tone and pace of the call. If they have a lot of time, invite them to introduce themselves and give the context for their inquiry. Let them talk as much as they want. Nothing makes us cringe more than a salesperson who interrupt their prospects.

How to Turn Leads into Sales 2023

Get to the point. Ask the customer questions so you know what they’re looking for.

How to Turn Leads into Sales 2023

#3 Make a Personalized Offering Your company has a lot to offer, and every new customer is unique. For this reason, find a way to emphasizing that the products and services you’re offering them are HAND SELECTED, by you just for him or her. Give him or her the personal touch that Amazon can’t offer. Make sure they know that you’ve listened carefully to what their needs are, and you feel strongly that your products are services will work out great for them. Write down the EXACT WORDS they use to describe their needs, and casually read these words back to them when offering the solution. Be confident in your expertise. Your customer is willing to pay a lot more to buy from an expert.

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