4 ways to Establish a Trustworthy Brand

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Easy way to Establish a Trustworthy Brand

Let’s be honest, in today’s digital age consumer information is vast and easily obtainable. For those companies operating in the digital space consumers can easily get a good grip of what the business values are and how they operate. Likewise, with consumer information so readily available to businesses, it raises the question of trust.

Can consumers really trust brands in the digital age? YES! Consumers have never been more trustworthy online. However, businesses must possess certain qualities in order to establish that brand trust in the digital age. High 5ive Marketing has come up with four all-star qualities in order to establish a trustworthy brand that will not only generate more brand loyalty but also maintain your business reputation in the market.

So here we go!

#1 Be Genuine. In so many businesses, it seems that lying to the consumer or somehow deceiving them is okay. We are here to tell you that in order to establish real brand trust, a business must be as transparent as possible. Businesses must trust their consumers enough to know they will not be judged and they will be accepted for who they are and what they do. Being genuine will always work for an organization because the consumer will always reciprocate that geniality to your organization. Whether that reciprocation be positive or negative, the business and consumer alike should be appreciative of these actions. This brings us to our next point…

#2 Communicate to your consumer for real. Along with being genuine with your consumers and receiving that reciprocation in return, they will feel the need to communicate with your business in many different ways. Whether it be on the website, social media or through email. It is important that businesses communicate with their consumers for real and not use any programs or bots. Businesses must make consumers feel that they have made real human contact. This human contact should be felt through all forms of communication; from content creation to business inquiries. Having real life interactions with a business is a sure way to build a friend-like relationship with your consumer. Needless to say, positive and negative communication needs to be consistent.

#3 Consistency is Key. Answer this question, would you support a business who constantly contradicts themselves online. Their posts on one social site is completely different on another. How about one consumer receiving compensation for a defective product and another doesn’t. We think not! Consistency is the key to establish brand trust. The better example of this is the retail chain Nordstrom. It is no secret that they are consistent with their policies and do not deviate from them; no questions asked. However businesses who do not practice their consistency should understand that they will never be a trustworthy brand. Consumers will never believe the content or policies that are put forth to them.

#4 Create a valuable experience. It is a well-known emotion that consumers feel when dealing with businesses. That is Buyer’s Remorse. If you are not familiar with this as a business than you are already on track to not having much brand loyalty. However, this term refers to the sense of regret when dealing with a business. Consumers somehow feel like they could have gotten a better deal or they made the wrong choice. However, businesses who can create a valuable experience to the consumer will not only alleviate this dissonance but also have the consumer coming back over and over again.

Consumers need to feel like their interactions with businesses are so pure that they will not look think twice when referring friends and family. These Fours steps to establishing that trust is a surefire way to grow your business, obtain new customers, and retain current customers.

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